Track via GPS

GPS tracking provides transportation and logistics professionals with real-time fleet visibility and direct communication with driver. Dispatchers can quickly access driver locations, view bread-crumb trails or pull a historical report without having to make a single call. Powerful data can be obtained with a few clicks in one interface.

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With RouteManager 360 by WorkWave, you can arm your drivers with GPS Mobile App to obtain their daily routes and to sync up with the back office. The mobile device also allows you to see your driver’s location. You can even set up geofences to prohibit drivers from certain places if you desire.

Greater Insight on Driver Behavior in Real-Time

Want to be able to see driver behavior? Our RouteManager 360+ package includes in-vehicle devices for deeper visibility into how your driver is utilizing the vehicle 24/7.

Protect your assets and hold drivers accountable by monitoring:

  • Track hard braking
  • Acceleration
  • Speeding
  • En-route activity with *interstate reporting (fuel use and operation)
    *Interstate reporting between 48 U.S. states and Canada.

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