Dispatching to Mobile

Keep your technicians on-the-go and in-the-know without missing a beat. Your drivers can see their planned routes and any updates through their mobile device.

Click through the flowchart below to see how RouteManager by WorkWave optimizes operations at every stage.

Keep Operations
Moving Forward

Once those jobs are optimized in the back office, seamlessly communicate updated routes to your drivers. RouteManager by WorkWave provides total transparency across all operational fronts of your business. Ensure that your drivers have the most recent schedules, while also allowing your back office to keep track of where your fleet is at all times.

Keep Your Fleet Accountable

Are your drivers following their schedule? Prove it. Easily allow your employees to collect
proofs of delivery and archive them for review later on if needed.

Achieve Total Transparency

  • Seamlessly dispatch routes to your drivers or technicians
  • Gain vital visibility into operations in the field in real-time (ie: Are drivers following the given sequence? Are drivers skipping orders?)
  • Obtain proofs of delivery, such as signatures, notes, pictures, etc.

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