Robust & Reliable GPS Tracking

WorkWave® Route Manager & GPS Integration simplifies your day-to-day tasks and gives you visibility into your fleet’s performance. Take a step towards minimizing costs, maximizing productivity and improving driver accountability. With access to real-time location updates and automated text/email alerts, managing your fleet has never been easier.

Stay Connected to
Your Vehicles

Heading on vacation or leaving the office early? With automated GPS alerts there’s no need to check-in with the office or drivers. Set automated alerts and receive notifications on high priority events. Stay connected with your fleet when you are on-the-go with our tracking & management system.


GPS reports can eliminate paperwork, reduce manual analysis and call out inefficiencies. Download your reports and gain visibility into areas like driver behavior scorecards, time sheet accuracy and idling issues. Get a better look into where there’s room for improvement and take necessary action.

Return on Investment

Implement WorkWave Route Manager GPS and gain access to information that can support your business decisions. Visibility into driving patterns, real-time location and driver performance can help manage your fleet and affect your bottom line.

  • Schedule Emergency Calls – React to last minute requests by dispatching the address to the closest vehicle, easily done within the WorkWave Route Manager GPS platform
  • Reduce Fuel Costs – Monitor idling time, speeding and non-business use of vehicles to conserve fuel
  • Increase Vehicle Lifetime – Reduce wear and tear on company vehicles with in-cab alerts and vehicle maintenance reminders
  • Lower Workers’ Comp and Insurance Rates – Putting safety precautions in place can reduce your risk and can warrant a lower rate for your fleet

Improve Your Fleet's Performance

Zero in on your fleet’s performance to capture information that can increase efficiency and improve your service level. WorkWave provides reliable real-time GPS tracking to help proactively manage your mobile workforce and improve accountability.

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