Harness the Power of Total Transparency

Effectively balance multiple routes with RouteManager by WorkWave; optimize orders with the intelligent route planner, improve communication via the mobile app, and easily monitor your drivers with GPS tracking.

Route Planning

Optimize Route Planning for Improved Fleet Management

Planning daily routes takes time - valuable time that you could be using to build your business or work on new initiatives. RouteManager by WorkWave does the heavy lifting for you and tackles this with ease, providing the most efficient routes for your drivers based on parameters you provide.

Meet Customer Expectations Head On

Stay in tuned to vehicle progress to keep customers updated at a moment’s notice. Assign the right asset to the right route to ensure customer satisfaction with on-time delivery or service.

Drive Efficiency Through Maximum Vehicle Utilization

Minimize costs by reducing fuel consumption, idle time and miles driven with route planning that makes the best use of your resources and vehicles within your daily work windows.

Maximize Capacity With Smart Planning

Ensure your trucks are filled to capacity and drivers are fully utilized from check-in to check-out to ensure the best use of everyone’s time – yours and your drivers’.

Manage Changes to Your Day in Real-Time

Respond to last-minute changes in schedules and unexpected emergencies with real-time updates to schedules. Need to re-route on the fly? Is a driver running late? Is a delivery in jeopardy? Be proactive with notifying your customer so they’re not left in the dark.

Analyze Trends for Future Planning

At the end of the day, download a convenient report to compare “planned” vs. “actual” routes and make adjustments to future time windows based on your analysis.

Improve Customer Service to Increase Customer Retention and Referrals

Ensure your customers’ complete satisfaction with on-time orders and “real-time” notifications of schedule delays. As a result, you’ll increase repeat customers and generate positive online reviews that will lead others who need your services right to your door.

Vehicle Tracking &

It’s a no brainer: Easy to install devices, accurate data, terrific support. You just need to choose your device and RouteManager GPS by WorkWave® will take care of the rest!

RouteManager GPS by WorkWave offers easy to install, rugged GPS monitoring devices that will start tracking activity immediately after proper installation. We stand behind only the best products to support our industry-leading GPS tracking service.

RouteManager GPS by WorkWave syncs devices to satellites every 20 seconds, giving you turn by turn activity. Even when there is no service (parked in a garage or out in farmlands), your data will be stored in the device and sent to the cloud as soon as a connection is made.

LMU 3030

LMU 3030

Plug & Play GPS Tracking-Quick and Easy Installation
Plugs into Any OBD II port
Driver Behavior Compatible
Geofencing Alerts
Custom Alerts
Driver Behavior In-Vehicle Alerts
Easy to Install
High Sensitivity GPS
LMU 2630

LMU 2630

Discreet Hardwire Installation Under the Dashboard
Tamper Prevention
Driver Behavior Monitoring and Modification
Geofencing Alerts
Custom Alerts
Driver Behavior In-Vehicle Alerts
Easy to Install
High Sensitivity GPS

RouteManager by WorkWave Automates Powerful Route Plans to Simplify Your Day

Make smarter decisions, stay connected to your mobile workforce, and easily deliver last mile service.

Transform your business processes through powerful software automation tools.

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