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What is the
ELD Mandate?

“The purpose of the rule is to limit the ability of drivers to work the maximum number of hours currently allowed, or close to the maximum, on a continuing basis to reduce the possibility of driver fatigue. Long daily and weekly hours are associated with an increased risk of crashes and with the chronic health conditions associated with lack of sleep. These changes will affect only the small minority of drivers who regularly work the longer hours.” – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

When will the ELD mandate go into effect?

Businesses have until December 18, 2017, to implement certified ELDs that record Hours of Service.

Who will be affected by the ELD mandate:

  • Trucks weighing 10,001 pounds or more
  • Transporting 16 or more passengers (including driver)
  • Trucks that travel across state borderlines
  • Businesses recording drivers records of duty status
  • Transporting hazardous materials in a quantity requiring placards

Who is exempt:

  • Businesses who are NOT currently recording RODS OR record RODS for less than 8 business days each month
  • Vehicles manufactured before the year 2000
  • Driving a vehicle for sale or repair
  • Towing a vehicle away

What is an ELD
& What is It's Purpose

An ELD (Electronic Logging Device) is a device that is used in commercial trucks to track hours of service (HOS). ELD technology automatically records a driver’s driving time and other aspects of their HOS records to allow for easier, more accurate HOS recordkeeping.

An ELD device monitors a vehicle’s engine to capture data on:

  • Whether the engine is running,
  • Whether the vehicle is moving,
  • Miles driven, and
  • Duration of engine operation in hours

The reason for measuring and recording driver hours behind the wheel is public safety—specifically, as it relates to drivers falling asleep at the wheel. It also stops the truckers from driving that last hour home when they’ve already driven 8 straight hours (typically the largest number of at-fault accidents occur from this last hour. Drivers may not want to stop as they’re paid by the mile, not by the hour or on fixed salary).

In the past, truck drivers logged everything via a spiral book. These log books were always fudged and not truly enforceable from a law enforcement standpoint. The ELD and HOS are basically “data loggers” that record all driving and hours of “behind the wheel” use of trucks. The data logger type data port is accessible by Law Enforcement at Truck Stops, random highway stops, etc.

How ELDs Can Help
Improve Your Business

Stay FMCSA Compliant
Stay FMCSA Compliant
Improve Driver Accountability
Improve Driver Accountability
Increase Efficiency
Maintain Vehicles
Protect Your Business
Your Business
Reduce Overtime
Lower Insurance Costs
Insurance Costs
24/7 Location Tracking
24/7 Location
Automate Reporting

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