Driver Mobile App

The RouteManager 360 by WorkWave Driver Mobile App tracks drivers, allows them to view routes in real-time, captures proof of delivery and offers barcode scanning to ensure successful deliveries. It’s a must-have for any business looking to take full control of their last mile!

Click through the flowchart below to see how RouteManager by WorkWave optimizes operations at every stage.

Gain Operational Efficiency
With RouteManager 360

Operational efficiency and quality service are key factors in driving success for your business. At WorkWave, our goal is to help businesses of all sizes reach their full potential by offering an easy-to-use, powerful software solution.

Take Full Control Of The Last Mile!

To increase transparency and delight your end customers, our RouteManager 360 solution includes the Driver Mobile App, Driver Mobile GPS Tracking, Proof of Delivery and Barcode Scanning features.

Driver Mobile App & Mobile Tracking

  • Real-time route assignments
  • Delivery order status capture
  • Barcode scanning package validation
  • Proof of delivery capture (signature, photo, notes, and audio recording)
  • Mobile driver tracking

With RouteManager by WorkWave, we can track drivers, locations and time windows from both desktop and the mobile app. Our drivers use the mobile app for routing and scheduling, which notifies the dispatchers for proof of delivery, ensuring that our delivery schedules are being met and helping us to track service times. Bottom line, I would recommend RouteManager because of the ease of use, saving us time, money and resources."

- Will McCauley, Transportation Supervisor, DHL Westerville OH

Mobile Barcode Scanning

Did you know that delivery mishaps equals lost sales?

  • 86% of shoppers are unlikely to buy products from a brand after an experience with inaccurate product
  • Inventory inaccuracy can account for ~ 10% of lost sales
  • The average company loses nearly $400,000 in revenue because of order mispicks

How will Mobile Barcode Scanning improve your business?
Increase your operational effectiveness and efficiency

Pickup/Drop Off Assurance

Drivers can validate that the correct order was picked up and/or dropped off

Faster Workflows

Streamline driver workflow, reduce time spent at the delivery destination, eliminate the need for paperwork and minimize errors

Transform your business processes through powerful software automation tools.


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