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Since 1977, S.I.A. has been creating hardware and software solutions that allow users operating in mobility to work easily. That journey started with portable terminals that had small displays and keyboards. In the early 1990s, at IT’s most important trade show event in Las Vegas, we were identified as the first pen-based computer. SIA was the first Italian company to work on pen-based platforms, and we continue with our mission today. SIA is recognized as the leading tablet expert and we are able to support our customers at all levels both technological and at the level of integrations. Today, SIA is recognized as one of the leading experts in mobile solutions having built proprietary apps for sales force automation, field service automation, survey process automation, and at the hardware level we are a Premium Zebra Partner, distributor of JLT, Pokini and Coworker, and Partner of Mitac and Brother. SIA has partnered with WorkWave as we have synergistic solutions with the same philosophies.

WorkWave Products Sold



Software Solutions

SIA has a myriad of software solutions including: SIA Field Cross (SFA solution for food and beverage distribution, cosmetic, clothing and accessories with size and color management), SIA Field Customer, SIA Survey, and SIA Tec (App maintenance for automate field technicians).

Hardware Solutions

SIA’s software supports many different types of devices such as rugged tablets (Zebra, Xplore, Coworker, Pokini, Mitac Mio Work), rugged smartphones (Zebra, Unitech, Point Mobile, Honeywell), forklift terminal (JLT), and thermal printers (Zebra, Brother, TSC, Honeywell).


Our consulting approach has always distinguished us, as we aim to identify the best solutions for our customers. As part of the OIERRE consortium, consisting of more than 30 IT companies, SIA has the opportunity to use a network to integrate its solutions with others to provide key results.


The perfect complement to your management software to manage the company with ease."

- Davide Bernini, President & CEO, SIA

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