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Innitium is a consulting firm specializing in data driven operations and strategy in the areas of logistics and transportation. We support our client’s decisions by providing the best insights based on state-of-the-art business geoanalytics and deep industry knowledge. At Innitium we understand that developing an advanced model is only the beginning of a successful business analytics project and that 80% of the work is in the implementation. We will work with your teams, from the C suite to the frontline employees to ensure that our work leads to a real, measurable return on investment and a strong strategic position.

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Field Experience

All of our consultants are industry experts with hands on experience. With deep understanding of the industry-specific practical issues that need to be faced during implementation and knowledge gained from having solved real problems, they will help you to design and implement the best algorithms to give you an analytics competitive edge.

Shared Goals

Our teams do not work simultaneously on competing projects: everyone in the firm is fully committed to the success of your project in its competitive space. We negotiate each contract with explicit and contractually binding limits to scope and geography that enables our team to work exclusively for you without any conflict of interest.

Business Cases

Whether it’s last mile logistics for a waste collection business, or coordinating the operations of a major HVAC service provider with hundreds of services per day, we are particularly strong in last mile logistics: from daily planning and monitoring to the design of long-term optimal policies.


We value tremendously the flexibility and resilience that WorkWave has given to our operations. We can now respond faster and better to changes during the day and throughout the week, like sick leaves, changes of drivers and vehicles and new urgent services."

- Miguel Ángel Mansilla (owner and GM) Reciclado de residuos grasos, S.L., (Resigrás)

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