ATM Boss

United States

ATM Boss serves ATM machine owners throughout the US. ATM Boss provides a software as a service (SaaS) solution for Independent ATM Deployers (IADs) to manage the many moving parts of this business.

The ATM Boss forecasting engine, powered by the company’s proprietary algorithm, accurately predicts how much cash to load (of each currency denomination). Additionally, ATM Boss alerts its users of terminal outages and error conditions and is even capable of automatically generating repair work orders. Cash loads, support dispatch events and ATM installations are seamlessly sent to the WorkWave platform for optimization of daily route plans. Field technicians use the mobile application to also link to view trouble ticket details, to take photos that are automatically sent to the ATM Boss system CRM module and for two-way communications with dispatch to ensure all tickets are resolved as quickly as possible.

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With ATM Boss’s exclusive visual tools, you will schedule your drivers routes, send them turn-by-turn directions all while optimizing your customer service needs.


ATM Boss uses powerful mathematical algorithms to accurately forecast the cash needs of your ATMs. Sophisticated ATM management made easy.


ATM Boss includes a completely flexible commission system that accurately pays your locations, sales people, and indirect channels. Integrates with QuickBooks.


We are extremely satisfied with the effectiveness of the combined solution that ATM Boss and WorkWave represents."

- National ATM owner, Jeffrey Waters

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