Introducing! WorkWave
Business Builder Visa

The Business Builder Visa was specifically designed to help small businesses grow.
Build a strong credit rating in your company’s name -- even with no, or a low credit rating.
Avoid excessive interest rates on loans and credit cards.
Protect your personal credit history and don’t mix business and personal funds.

Grow your Business
Not Your Debt

Avoid relying on your personal credit cards to grow your business. Money paid on interest and fees should be reinvested in your business to help it grow. The WorkWave Business Builder is designed to give you access to cash without penalties.

Reinvest in your Business with Ease & Confidence

When you fuel your growth with your own sales, you take back control of your finances. Get peace of mind knowing that you won’t miss payments, nor will your transactions be declined because you’ve reached your credit limit. The WorkWave Business Builder Visa can also help you plan big purchases by setting aside money over a period of time.

Improve your Credit and Free your Personal Funds.

Mixing personal and business spending may put your personal credit history and score at risk, making it even harder to invest in your business.

Rely on your Sales and Stop
Paying Interest!

Every dollar counts when you are running a business. Put your money to work instead of handing it over to credit card companies.

Break the Chains of Credit
99% of Applicants are Approved!

Allow your profit to drive your growth. High-interest credit card
payments will keep you from achieving your financial goals.

Start building your business.

Build your credit and reduce your debt with the WorkWave Business Builder Visa.

The WorkWave Business Builder VISA Card is issued by
Cross River Bank on the VISA network and by PayVus.

*Must be an existing Payment processing customer to be eligible for the WorkWave Business Builder Visa


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